Advice for Incoming High Schoolers YAY! You made it to high school! Now, things aren’t going to get any easier. In fact, things are about to get reallllllllly hard. High school can be fun if you put yourself with a good group of people, if you worry about your studies, […]

5 Steps to Perfect Skin What are some tips and tricks to having SUPER good skin? Before any of you think that I’m writing this because I think I have perfect skin, you’re wrong. I actually still have to use these steps to keep my skin looking brand new! I […]

Easy Fixes to Your Bad Fitness Habits Admit it, you think that your exercise routine and eating habits are perfect. Do you wonder why you’re not getting the results you want? It’s probably because you are doing something that is hurting you and the worst part is that you don’t […]

Top 10 {Cheap} Date Ideas If you’ve been dating for a while or have just started to date you know that having a significant other can get pretty pricy. I mean, if you think about it, you’re always paying for presents, food, and other activities that add up after a […]

  Heeelllllooooo! First off, I am not one to cake makeup on my face -everyday- though I do put more on sometimes. Here is a list of the products I use on a daily basis to get a natural looking glow.

Where do I start?! Prom can be overwhelming for some– especially for new time prommies. Making hair, nail, and makeup appointments and making sure you get there in time and have enough time to get ready gets pretty CRAZY. But if you make a plan, make sure you have enough […]

Workout style

Workout style

Finding the Right Workout For You Let’s be honest, there aren’t many people who aaaaactually like working out. Finding the right workout can be hard and intimidating. BUT, once you find your style workout, you won’t want to stop because working out becomes FUN! Working out can be fun? HECK […]

Why I Started Blogging Why the heck do I think I have what it takes to make a successful blog? I have absolutely NO idea. Never in a million years would I have imagined myself being where I am now. I am clueless about most things and I’m learning SO […]